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Opened on the 3rd March 1903, on the occasion of the 50th  anniversary of the Martyrs of Belfiore’s sacrifice, the Museo del Risorgimento of Mantova had taken different seats until the end of the Eighties, when it was closed to the public because of a new imminent project of exhibition.
Then this project was stopped by the loss of some rooms .
In 2005 the collections, being left with no seat, were unified within the new Museo della Città di Palazzo S.Sebastiano, becoming its ”Sezione Risorgimentale” (Risorgimento Section).


Collection composition

The Risorgimento section consists of 1153 valuables, which are divided into different typologies:
Uniforms, equipment,accessories; Weapons and munitions; Ornaments and Badges; Coins; Medals and Decorations; Antiques; Prints; Works of art (pictures, drawings, sculptures).
The story of the Martyrs of Belfiore is particularly documented.
Publication; the collection is equipped with a publication which is made up of two parts:
Museo Civico del Risorgimento e della Resistenza ”R.Giusti”, 1st part, Age of Risorgimento, Mantova 1976
Museo Civico del Risorgimento e della Resistenza ”R.Giusti”, 2nd part, Age of Resistenza, Mantova 1976



Works can be consulted on paper or computerized file-cards and on the relative photographic  documentation at the Centro Studi e Documentazione sulle Collezioni Civiche (at the seat of the Museo della Città).
1153 file-cards with 1380 pictures have been realized.
Museo della città di Mantova


Exhibitions and Catalogues
The Museo della Città organize thematic exhibitions periodically, which are equipped with their respective catalogue containing the material of the fund.
It is possible to enjoy the exhibitions through a proper multimedia setting placed along the exhibition path of the Museo della Città.
Mantova e il suo territorio: un palcoscenico delle vicende risorgimentali. Percorso inedito nelle Collezioni Civiche, from December 2005 until May 2006.
(Mantova and its territory; a stage for Risorgimental events. A new path through the Civic Collections)
Exhibition of prints and coins.
I Leoni di Garibaldi. Garibaldi e i garibaldini mantovani nelle Collezioni Civiche, from the 14th October 2007 until the 13th January 2008.


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